Education & Sustainability

Education & Sustainability

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In spite of the Galapagos National Park making up 97% of the Archipelago's land mass, many young people from the Islands have never set foot within its boundaries. The result, as with many young people across the world, is a disconnect with nature. At GCT we firmly believe that breaking down these barriers is absolutely essential for ensuring a sustainable future for the Islands.

Our outreach work does exactly this, providing opportunities for local children to participate with our science & conservation programmes, bringing them closer to the incredible wildlife on their doorstep. We also support teacher training workshops on the Islands, promoting participatory learning methods to increase innovation and critical thinking in students.

We also recognise that to conserve Galapagos, an international appreciation of these incredible Islands is essential. That is why we created our Discovering Galapagos website, a bi-lingual, online teaching resource for teachers and pupils, which aims to inspire the next generation of conservation ambassadors globally.

By supporting this programme, you will make a key contribution to creating the future protectors and advocates of these unique Islands and their wildlife. Please donate today to help make this happen!