Restoring Floreana Appeal

Restoring Floreana Appeal

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Help us restore Floreana island!

It’s an ambitious aim – to eradicate invasive mammals and restore the natural habitat of Floreana – but it needs to be done in order to help critically endangered species like the Galapagos petrel. We can then reintroduce species like the Floreana mockingbird that were wiped out by rats and cats. You can help support this work today, but you’ll be doing much more than that. The work you help make possible on Floreana, can become a blueprint for conservation projects worldwide.

Your gift of £50 will help us restore one hectare of land in Floreana which will help us to cover vital restoration activities on Floreana island such as:

  • Reforesting Floreana’s lowlands
  • Removing invasive mammals and ensuring the survival of endangered species found on Floreana
  • Reintroducing native species back to Floreana
  • Improve sustainable livelihoods for the local community

Alternatively, you can sponsor one of six species that will benefit from the restoration of Floreana island. 

Please make a donation now, and together we can ensure a future for Floreana and its wildlife.